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Consumer - Search for a PCA Candidate

If you are SEEKING a Personal Assistant Candidate and you would like to send a summary of your search criteria to the list of Home Care Agencies / PCA Employment Services, please complete the Consumer Service Form.

It is my hope that this system will prove useful in your search for the "right" employee but as an independent employer you must agree to take full responsibility for any personal injury or loss of property that may result from the action or inaction of your employee. In addition, Consumer Directed Services can not condone the use of this service to establish an employment relationship that does not provide equal employment opportunities to all prospective employees regardless of their age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or affectional preference. Nor can Consumer Directed Services condone employment situations that ignore child labor or minimum wage regulations.

Being a member of a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) there are a number of risks that you as the Consumer or Surrogate have been willing to accept. The most difficult risk to manage is the finding of appropriate Personal Care Assistants (PCA). Whenever you engage in a search, you open yourself to the risk of meeting new people, who are unknown to you, and who may or may not be appropriate for you. To help you manage this risk you may wish to:

1. Obtain a separate free email service (like Gmail) that you could use only for your searches.

2. Use an online fax and voice mail service (like Maxemail) to obtain an alternative local number telephone number. When using a service like this, the PCA candidate would call this number and leave a message. You would receive their message as an email to which you could respond when and if you choose.

3. Many Consumers are concerned about strangers coming into their homes, for this reason, I have modified the address section of this form. At this point in the process all the PCA needs to know is a name (your first name or a nick name should be adequate) and they need to know approximately where you live, so they can decide if it is someplace they could or would choose to work.

4. When setting up your initial meeting, you may wish to meet them at an alternative location with other people present. You could choose to have someone you trust, sit in on the initial interview, to get an additional perspective that you can use when you are making your hiring decision. Finally, you may wish to consider meeting in a public place where you and the candidate can both be comfortable.

Note: I have personally used both Gmail and Maxemail but you may wish to consider alternatives. When making your decision you should consider the total price, the services they provide and any free promotions the companies may be offering.

Finally, Good Luck With Your Search.

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