Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) - Fundamentals

To begin the process of outlining the fundamentals of the CDPAP, I thought it best to start with a definition of this program, which is also know as Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CD-PAS). The CDPAP is a home care program that enables Consumers to independently manage the employment and define the duties of their Personal Assistant. To expand upon this definition:

Given the above definition, I have developed the following list of fundamentals as they apply to each of the involved parties, Consumers, Personal Assistants, CDPAP Providers and Regulators. It should be noted that although some CDPAP models may provide services beyond Personal Assistance, such as the financing of structural modifications or the provision of other necessary services, I have limited the scope of this paper to this central and unifying core element.


Personal Assistants

CDPAP Providers


Edward Litcher

March 2003